Hancom Office

Free and Convenient MS Office alternative for your work.
Available on PC only.

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Hancom Office

Hancom Office provides a feature-rich set of desktop productivity applications for conducting common tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet modeling, graphic presentation and working with PDFs. With an intuitive interface and powerful features, Hancom Office can bring out the true professional in you today.

Hancom Office
Hancom Office Word


Compose professional-grade content without compromise.

Hancom Office Cell


Organize, reformat, and rearrange your data for analysis and modeling.

Hancom Office Show


Create compelling multimedia presentations with ease — and with full PowerPoint compatibility Designed for high impact presentations with smooth animations, transitions and an all new.

Hancom Office PDF


Interact with PDFs without leaving Office.

Hancom Office Spec

*This office is a freeware software and contains some advertisements.
Depending on the circumstances of the provider, product changes and suspension of use may occur without prior notice.


This software is provided only to individual users and cannot be used by other companies, organizations, (non-profit) corporations, public institutions, educational institutions, or commercial institutions. If you want to use it as a more detailed service, please sign up for HANCOM Docs, a subscription service.

Hancom Office 2020 International provies technical support by Dec. 31th 2023. However, it can use continueously.