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Hancom Group to supply its web office cloud storage service to Russia’s Mail.Ru

May 15, 2019

Seoul May 15, 2019 Hancom Group has announced that it will supply its web office cloud storage service to Mail.Ru, a leading Internet service company in Russia.

Through this contract, Mail Dot U, which is expanding its investment to grow cloud storage services will be based on Hancom Office instead of the existing MS Office for B2C ( and B2B ( cloud storage services.

In particular, it is expected to be a great help in attracting customers by enabling co-editing functions for B2B cloud storage services and providing a more secure web office.

Last year, Hancom partnered with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to showcase their cloud-based web offices on Amazon. Hancom looks to strengthen its global market reach, and this agreement provides an opportunity to further increase brand awareness in the Russian market.

In particular, Hancom, which selected Russia as the main target country in the global market, has been using the ‘Hancom Office’ for PCs through ‘M.Video’ and ‘Eldorado’, which are Russia’s No. 1 and 2nd retail channels since 2016. Has been selling, and has been performing steadily, recently exceeding 10% market share in the Russian B2C office SW market.

Since Hancom has secured a business base with local partners in Russia, it plans to continue to expand its market share in the Russian office SW market, which is in great demand for replacing MS offices, based on full office technology that encompasses the PC, mobile, and web.

Hancom notes, “As the cloud business environment has become more popular, interest in web offices is increasing in the global market, and Hancom is also making great efforts to upgrade web offices.” Since supplying and verifying Hancom’s technology and competitiveness, we will strengthen our overseas sales and marketing capabilities in order to expand our global market in the future.