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Hancom partners with China’s VSTECS to sell office software in Asia

June 24, 2019

SEOUL, June 24, 2019 — Hancom, an office suite software developer in South Korea, signed a strategic business partnership with China’s VSTECS, a leading ICT product and service provider in the Asia-Pacific region, to supply and sell office software in China and other Asian countries.

Hancom created a native word processing program for the Korean language to fight Microsoft in the domestic market. Its PC-mobile-web based office suit Hamcom Office is an office application that is available in English and Korean.

Hancom said it would work with VSTECS to sell Hancom Office and discuss market research and joint projects. VSTECS sells products and services from global ICT firms through active channel partners in Asian countries, including China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines.

“Only Microsoft and Hancom have a full-office lineup that encompasses PC-mobile-web,” a Hancom official said. “As the cloud environment is expanding globally and the demand for Microsoft’s alternative is increasing, we expect more opportunities in the global office market if we link the Wish Group’s wide distribution network.”

Hancom Office has targeted countries that want to replace MS Office. Hancom started selling Hancom Office for PCs through Russia’s two top retail channels, M.Video and Eldorado, in 2016.