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Hancom Attends ‘AWS Re-Invent 2019’—Announces the release of Hancom Space in AWS Marketplace

December 05, 2019
Hancom booth at AWS re:Invent 2019

Las Vegas, NV December 5, 2019 Hancom Group, a leader in South Korea ICT, has participated in Amazon Web Services ‘AWS Re-Invent 2019’. The event is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the global cloud computing community. The industry event was held in Las Vegas, USA from December 2nd to 5th 2019.

Highlights of the event including a keynote lecture by Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS, exhibition and introduction of new services, and the very latest technology training.

AWS Re-Invent
Andy Jassy, Amazon Web Services CEO

Hancom, which has participated in AWS Re-Invent since 2016, has introduced cloud-based solutions and services such as ‘Thinkfree DocsConverter’ and ‘Amazon WorkDocs’ web office. This year they exhibited a full line of PC-mobile-web-based office software with future plans to launch to the global office market.

In particular, Hancom announced the newly released ‘Hancom Space’ offered on the AWS Marketplace at AWS Re-Invent, as well as detail on the subscription services.

Hancom Space provides Hancom Office for mobile use which can be used on smartphones and tablets along with Hancom Office installed on the PC.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files can be created and edited in a web browser without installing separate software on the PC. 

A cloud-based service that provides online storage functions, Hancom plans to provide Hancom Space as a subscription license where the user pays a usage fee—for a period such as on a monthly or yearly basis. The subscription plan continuously provides the latest version of the software through updates.

In addition, Hancom plans to actively promote its software solutions to AWS customers and partners who visited this event, including sharing the global version of ‘Hancom Office 2020’.

An official from Hancom noted, “This event will highlight Hancom’s office technology and brand by presenting Hancom’s full-office lineup to more than 1 million AWS customers and partners around the world.” “With the introduction of the cloud, we will effectively target the rapidly changing global office market.”