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Hancom Office launches in Germany’s Media Markt

December 05, 2019

December 5th, 2019 Hancom Group has launched their office software, Hancom Office, in Germany and Austria, with plans for full-scale market entry into the European market.

Hancom has entered into a sales contract with Media Markt, Europe’s largest electronics store, and began selling Hancom Office in a total of 473 stores, including 424 in Germany and 49 in Austria.

Media Markt operates more than 1,000 stores in 15 countries in Europe, including Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, and ranks second in the world after Amazon in the electronics distribution market.

‘Hancom Office’, which Hancom launched in the European market, is an office software for PCs.

In the first half of next year, Hancom plans to increase its awareness of Hancom Office in the B2C market by developing customized promotions centering on stores located in major locations such as Berlin and Munich, Germany, and expand sales areas to German-speaking countries such as Switzerland and Belgium in the future.

An official from Hancom said, “We have established a bridgehead to target the European market by entering into Germany and Austria, where the use rate of genuine software is high and the level of consumers’ eyes are relatively high.” “We will strengthen our marketing capabilities and achieve visible results in overseas markets.”

Meanwhile, Hancom has been selling Hancom Office for PCs in Russia and Japan, and is planning to start selling Hancom Office in Hong Kong and Taiwan from the first half of next year.

In addition, based on the full-office line-up that encompasses PC-mobile-web, Hancom provides an enterprise service with AWS (Amazon Web Services), and Russia’s representative Internet service company, Mail.Ru.