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South Korea Hancom and Shinhan Bank to Develop Blockchain Platform

February 18, 2020

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 18, 2020   South Korean software giant Hancom has sealed a blockchain deal with Shinhan DS, the IT services affiliate of Shinhan Bank. The bank is ranked the second largest commercial bank in South Korea in assets and net income. With approximately 13,400 employees and 900 branches nationwide,  Shinhan provides retail, corporate and investment banking services to over 18 million customers. 

Both Korean companies have pledging to build a “digital asset” management platform. The two companies will utilize blockchain technology to develop a blockchain-based digital asset management platform that ensures reliability and transparency and can track all tangible assets. 

Hancom will invest R & D personnel specialized in blockchain and security. 

Shinhan DS is in charge of technology strategy and platform structure design.

Hancom has already built a strong portfolio of blockchain offerings, including a suite of blockchain-powered office software.

About The Hancom Group Founded in 1990, today Hancom Group is a leader in creating innovative ecosystems that will lead the world through the convergence of technology. 

With its reach of 14 affiliate companies covering Hardware, Software, and the Finance industry, the Group’s mission is to create a  “Convenient World, Connected World, and Safe & Secure World.”