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South Korea’s HANCOM Group and Naver Business Platform Donate AI Call Center System to Overcome COVID-19

March 21, 2020

HANCOM Group will offer Hancom AI Check 25, its outbound AI call center, free-of-charge and fully support expenses for installing the system. NBP will provide for free high-performance cloud infrastructure for the stable operation of AI call center

SEONGNAM, South Korea and Golden, CO—March 21, 2020  HANCOM Group (KOSDAQ: 030520) Chairman Kim Sang-cheol and Naver Business Platform (NBP) (KOSDAQ: 030520) President Pak Won-gi have recently announced that they will provide their innovative AI Call Center system free-of-charge for monitoring individuals infected by COVID-19.

The Hancom Group will offer its AI Call Center platform and full support including all expenses required for installing the system. Equally, NBP will donate its high-performance cloud infrastructure for the stable operation of monitoring services. 

Hancom AI Check 25, Hancom’s AI Call Center, is an outbound call system that can monitor the health conditions of those who are under active observation and isolated at home, including their fever, body temperature, and cough. 

The system immediately records responses in the subject being monitored, and then provides statistical data and analysis. 

It allows local autonomous governments and regional health centers to widely monitor and manage conditions across a wide range of subjects, and instantly respond when an emergency occurs. Supporting the Chinese language, it can also monitor Chinese students and residents in Korea.

As it can make multiple calls simultaneously, Hancom AI Check 25 can easily monitor a large group of subjects, mitigating any shortage in manpower and any burden of responding workload. It is expected to be used as a systematic counter-measure system against not only COVID-19 but also other infectious diseases and disastrous calamities.      

Local self-governing bodies in Korea that need to build epidemic prevention systems have shown a keen interest in Hancom AI Check 25. Having taken initiative to adopt the technology, the South Korean city of Jeonju will begin the operation of the AI Call Center on March 20, 2020. In addition, Daegu Metropolitan City, the South Korean area most affected by the spread of Coronavirus and other cities such as Anyang are also going to adopt the system.

More so, the HANCOM Group and iFlytek, Chinese partner are considering expanding Korea language Hancom AI Check 25 to overseas Korean resident communities, including the city governments of Qingdao and Shanghai. Hancom is also preparing the introduction of an English version Hancom AI Check 25 into U.S. market through its local subsidiary in Silicon Valley

“Now is the time to join forces by both private and public sectors to effectively address COVID-19,” noted Kim Sang-cheol, Chairman of HANCOM Group. “As the top-notch software and technology company in Korea, we will contribute to getting over this national catastrophic situation by leveraging all advanced technologies.”       

“Our contribution is highly significant in that the AI call center for the health of the people was jointly developed by Korean companies, and it is provided free-of-charge for public interests,” remarked Pak Won-gi, President of NBP. “We are committed to building a society where people can enjoy the benefits of good-intended technologies, without pursuing profits only.”         

About The Hancom Group Founded in 1990, today Hancom Group is a leader in creating innovative ecosystems that will lead the world through the convergence of technology. 

With its reach of 14 affiliate companies covering Hardware, Software, and the Finance industry, the Group’s mission is to create a “Convenient World, Connected World, and Safe & Secure World.” 

About the NAVER Business Platform The NAVER Business Platform (NBP) provides global IT infrastructure management and enterprise solutions for South Korea’s Naver Corporation and its subsidiaries. The cloud service was developed in conjunction with an environment-friendly Data Center called GAK, which was a first for a domestic Internet operator.