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Hancom provides built-in HWP document viewing in Naver’s flagship Whale browser

April 23, 2020

SEONGNAM, South Korea— April 20, 2020  Hancom Group and Naver, the leading search engine provider in Korea announced that together, they are supplying the Whale browser with built-in Korean document (HWP) viewing capabilities. 

Whale browser users can now view the Hangul (HWP) documents directly in the browser without installing any separate programs. Also, by adding the ‘Hancom Typing Practice’ browser extension, users can practice Korean typing conveniently within their browser. 

Hyo Kim, the head of Whale browser, said, “This agreement has allowed us to provide users with a more convenient browser experience. We will continue to make various efforts to build intuitive tools that enhance the Whale browser user experience.”  

“As we have been supplying collaborative editing technology in the United States and Russia, we will try to expand domestically through cooperation with Naver,” said Sang-Hee Park, general manager of Hancom Malang Malang Service Business. “We will focus our development capabilities to adapt quickly to the evolving document work environment.” 

In the future, the two companies plan to expand support for viewing a wide variety of common document, spreadsheet, and presentation formats in addition to HWP documents.  The integration will also be extended to connect users to ‘Hancom Space’ effortlessly when document editing, sharing or collaboration is needed.