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Hancom Office Online to power NHN’s collaboration service for business

May 19, 2020

Hancom has entered into a definitive agreement to supply its web office technology to NHN’s collaboration service for businesses. Hancom Office Online will be integrated into NHN cloud collaboration platform known as ‘Toast Workplace Dooray’. Through this, Dooray users can work with documents online without installing a separate application onto their PC or device. Multiple people can also access and work together on the document simultaneously.

Hancom’s DocsConverter solution is also linked with the Dooray service. The solution converts various common office file formats into HTML, PDF and images to enable document preview, secure viewing, and search keyword extraction.

Dooray is a cloud-based collaboration platform that can be used for various project-based work. It includes all of the necessary services for businesses such as mail, messenger, calendar and drive. It currently counts 8 affiliates of HDC Group, NS Home Shopping, Oak Valley and KAIST as major customers.

Hancom Office Online is well-known for it’s cloud-based collaborative editing technology integrated into the AWS WorkDocs service and’s web mail portal for Russian users. Domestically, in Korea, Hancom’s supply of web office technology to NHN is attracting major attention among cloud players.

Daeki Kim, Hancom’s Chief Operating Officer, notes that “As the way of working in the post-COVID era shifts to the cloud, office productivity software working on any device, including PC, mobile, and web, is becoming increasingly crucial. Our goal is to build close partnerships to enable this vision.”