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Hancom Office 2020, Better Than Ever!

May 27, 2020
Hancom Office 2020

Hancom Group Unveils Hancom Office 2020—Their Newly Feature-Enhanced Office Productivity Suite that saves up to 60% the cost compared to MS Office

SEONGNAM, SOUTH KOREA, May 27, 2020/ In a move set to advance operations and support the company’s aggressive growth, Hancom Group, South Korea’s leading ICT company has announced the North American release of flagship product ‘Hancom Office 2020.’ Previously, Hancom has been most well-known internationally for the default mobile office suite experience in Samsung Galaxy/DeX devices and a long-time technology partnership with AWS WorkDocs supplying a cloud-based collaborative document editor.

More cost-effectively than with any other office suite available today, and a smart alternative to Microsoft 365, new enhancements for the Hancom Office 2020 product lineup include word processor Hancom Office Word, spreadsheet Cell, presentation Show, and PDF. Most importantly, as a part of ongoing efforts for enterprise customers, this update facilitates interoperability by improving the spreadsheet’s Excel compatibility significantly by adding advanced support for pivot tables, charts, formulas, and macros.

Setting the stage for collaboration, Hancom Office 2020 also strengthened its link with Hancom Space, a cloud-based storage and web office. Hancom Space, a cloud service that allows you to edit Hancom Office documents via Internet access, even on a PC without Hancom Office, allows users to save and share documents created on Hancom Office 2020 directly in Hancom Space. In turn, you can edit a document you created in Hancom Space on Hancom Office.

Adding value, too, a cost-saving and a new feature of the suite, Hancom Office 2020 now offers a new built-in PDF application that provides an essential tool for PDF use and includes annotation, merging, and extracting. It also allows you to convert any existing PDF documents into Word, Excel or PowerPoint files and then edit and reuse your PDF files. With this feature, there is no need for a separate PDF editor required by other products in the market as users can edit and author all common office documents formats.

Regarding the product launch, Sungjun Byun, Chief Executive Officer of Hancom, said, “Building upon decades of experience supplying the office productivity suite to Korean enterprises, SMBs, educational institutions and government, Hancom Office 2020 is built to meet the diverse demands of global customers regardless of size or sector.”

Dr. Peter Wonsok Yun, President of Global Business, Hancom Group notes, “With the New Normal Post COVID-19 workplace, Hancom Office 2020 will unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity more cost-effectively than with any other office suite available today.”

A free 30-day trial version is available for download at  And the subscription license and a lifetime license are available for purchase now.