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Hancom Enters Mexico with Key Partner Appdel

July 28, 2020

Hancom has entered in a partnership with Appdel for the distribution of Hancom Office in Mexico. Appdel has more than 10 years of experience in providing comprehensive solutions for mobile workspaces for businesses and enterprises. Appdel is currently a partner of Citrix, AWS and Nutanix. With today’s distribution contract, Appdel will sell Hancom Office in Mexico initially.

Mr. German Tavera, CEO of Appdel said that “Now, with the addition of the Hancom Office productivity suite, Appdel will be able to provide more value added solutions to our clients. Hancom Office supports all the MS Office formats, and Hancom Office can convert PDF to editable Office formats. With Hancom Office, customers won’t need to buy any other separate PDF tool and they can save on the overall cost of software significantly.”

Dr. WonSok Yun, President of Global Business in Hancom Group, said that “Mexico is a rapidly growing market with significant potential. Hancom will expand the business not only in Mexico, but also other countries in Latin America continuously.”