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Real time co-authoring in Nextcloud

October 02, 2020

Whether you are running or building your own cloud applications, there are very few suitable choices that provide a secure, cloud-based experiences for the collaborative editing of Office files within your applications.

For example, if you wish to use Microsoft Office Online, you would need to allow your data to be transferred to an external service over the internet to call the necessary editing APIs. On the other hand, if you have your own license to use the Office Online Server, then it’s only good for in-house usage and you would also need to deal with the complexity and cost of deploying and maintaining the Microsoft server system.

That’s where our cloud application comes in. Hancom Office Online is designed for interoperability with Microsoft Office files from the ground up allowing you to run the applications on your premises without linking to external services. The applications provide real-time co-authoring as well as viewing, creating and editing of Microsoft Office files. Hancom Office Online also has the flexibility to run on Linux serverswith the full scalability to handle large scale services as proven by our hosted service for Amazon WorkDocs. For lightweight usage, you could easily run the server deployed from a single Docker image for your team.

Introducing Nextcloud

Nextcloud is the most deployed on-premises content collaboration platform, a solution designed to keep data under control of IT. It features secure document exchange as well as built in communication and task management with video chat, calendaring and more.

We are bringing the experience of a seamlessly integrated Hancom Office Online to Nextcloud.

Below is a sneak preview from a running version of the Hancom application within Nextcloud.

The public release version of Hancom Office Online will be available for your evaluation later this year. If you’d like to get early access, please register using the link below and we will get back to you with instructions for getting started.

Hancom Office Online will be available for Nextcloud Enterprise once it’s ready for general availability. 

We are thrilled to bring our applications to the Nextcloud community. Please stay tuned.