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Hancom Office Adds Messaging and Calendaring Client

December 15, 2020

With the Hancom Mail client, Hancom Office offers complete office productivity

  • Compatible with Exchange, Google Workspaces, and other infrastructures
  • Feature-rich functionality for organizing correspondence, meetings, tasks, and more
  • Responsive, intuitive, interface with intelligence to streamline common tasks

SEATTLE, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hancom (KOSDAQ: HAANSOFT) today announced Hancom Mail, a Windows-based communications and calendaring application that integrates with Hancom Office, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, and other major messaging infrastructures. With the addition of Hancom Mail, available in January 2021, Hancom rounds out its suite of professional-grade MS Office-compatible office productivity tools.

Organizations looking for a low-cost yet full-featured Windows-based communications and calendaring application will appreciate Hancom Mail. Individuals can organize their inboxes and contacts, manage calendars, tasks and notes, even communicate in real-time with other Hancom Mail users via built-in chat. The application has an intuitive interface that is familiar and engaging from the get-go. Individuals can easily import existing data files from Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, and other applications.

“Hancom Mail delivers a smart mix of communications and calendaring features for Windows users,”

says Dr. Wonsok Yun, President of Global Business at Hancom Group.

“Hancom Mail includes intelligent features for managing email, calendars, notes, tasks, and chat in a single, fully-customizable workspace that interacts seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange, Google Workspaces, and other backend infrastructures.”

Hancom Mail is built on a solid foundation, relying on proven messaging technologies from eM Client. It occupies a small footprint in storage and is compatible with all major platforms, including Google Workspace, iCloud, Office 365,, Exchange, MacOS Server, IceWarp, SmarterMail, Kerio, and MDaemon, and well as generic IMAP, and POP3-based systems. It automatically backs up an individual’s email data, so there’s minimal risk of data loss.

A more intelligent email experience

Hancom Mail makes it easy for users to exchange messages and stay organized. Users can tag mail messages, tasks, notes, and calendar events for easy discovery and recollection. A superfast search engine makes it a snap to find messages, tasks, notes, events, and contacts. And for those times when an email message doesn’t quite seem like the most efficient way to make a point, Hancom Mail supports integrated real-time text and video chat. Users can simply start a text or video conversation instead of writing out a response—which is often a far better way to arrive at consensus quickly.

Hancom Mail also provides powerful features for encryption, translation, inbound message monitoring, search within attachments, template management, mass mailings and merges, and more. A rules engine can streamline workflows and facilitate message organization, alerts, and reminders. Smart shortcuts ensure that the features users are most likely to want to access in a given situation are always close at hand.

Pricing and Availability

Hancom Mail will be downloadable from the Hancom Office Store in Q1 of 2021. Pricing has yet to be announced.