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Going Digital to Recruit More Efficiently with Hancom DocsConverter!

February 17, 2021

Case Study

Read on to learn how our customer use Hancom DocsConverter to improve their end user workflow by integrating a web-based preview of documents within their web services.

Business Challenge  

A US-based leading talent acquisition platform needed to improve the end user workflow by integrating a web-based preview of documents such as resumes, employment contracts, retirement files, etc. within their web service. Tasked with finding a hosted cloud-based solution, a Senior Systems Engineer began evaluating document conversion and viewing solutions available from various vendors. Deciding against more costly document conversion services that handled many unnecessary formats he focused on vendors that provided cloud-based high quality document conversion capabilities that could be integrated easily via a web-based API. The solution also needed to be scalable and reliable with minimal operational costs and time.

The Solution

The human resource recruiting company chose Hancom’s DocsConverter solution to optimize their MS Office document conversion process. By integrating this solution into their solution, the recruiting services team was able to add the capability to quickly convert Microsoft Office documents to suitable web-friendly formats such as PDF, HTML, or images for viewing on the web dashboard environments. Especially, since they used the solution in the AWS marketplace, they were able to integrate easily via API within their web service and reliably converted pages with high fidelity and reduced their costs by paying only for the consumption as needed.


After multiple years of using Hancom DocsConverter, the recruiting company remains satisfied with the cost-effective processing of conversions of MS documents into easy to preview formats within the web browser. Hancom DocsConverter provides the ability to implement document conversion capabilities – with full control over scalability and security into their service quickly. The recruiting company is confident in Hancom DocsConverter solution’s scalability and quality especially when they need to scale up workflow for sudden peaks in converting volume.

Hancom DocsConverter Architecture



  • Save effort, time, and costs associated with document conversion.

[Benefits Achieved]

  • Recruiting company added seamless MS Office document preview capabilities easily by subscribing to Hancom DocsConverter in the AWS Marketplace.


  • Reliably provide high fidelity document conversions for preview as HTML, Image or PDF on their talent acquisition platform.

[Benefits Achieved]

  • Hancom DocsConverter provided easy to use Microsoft Office documents conversion processing to make high volume PDF, HTML, TXT, JPG, or PNG conversion more efficient and to enable instantly viewable documents.


  • Utilize flexible licensing options to scale up or down workflow at sudden document conversion processing periods.

[Benefits Achieved]

  • Hancom provided pay-as-you-go option in AWS Marketplace supports to help the company increase and decrease capacity and meet urgent proposal deadlines within their web service.


  • Identify a cost-effective solution with scalability, flexibility, and high-quality output.

[Benefits Achieved]

  • Utilizes Hancom DocsConverter for instant document preview with unsurpassed cloud-based high quality document conversion capabilities.

Hancom DocsConverter Free Trial version is available in AWS Marketplace. Try one unit of DocsConverter for 7 days. No software charges for that unit, but AWS infrastructure charges will apply though. Explore now!