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Hancom Office Mobile

SAMSUNG DeX Galaxy S8 | S8+ | Galaxy Note8

Full-featured office applications on the phone and on the desktop.

Hancom Office Mobile has been optimized to support Samsung DeX on the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ or newer, including the latest Galaxy Note10/10+. This ensures that you can enjoy a mobile or a desktop experience of Hancom Office Mobile.

Same device. Same software. Distinctly optimized experiences

You'll enjoy a touch interface optimized for the phone while using the phone, and an interface optimized for keyboard/mouse use on a desktop when you place the Galaxy S8/S8+ and the latest Note8 in the Samsung DeX station.

Keyboard shortcuts
& pop-up menus

Using the DeX station, you can toggle between Hancom Office Mobile applications, use keyboard shortcuts, pull-down menus, and more. Right-click with your mouse to access contextual pop-up menus.


Work on multiple documents and applications simultaneously, just as you would on a PC.


Download Hancom Office Mobile for free

Upgrade to the full-featured, DeX-optimized edition of Hancom Office Mobile from the Samsung Galaxy Store today – and enable your new Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ or Note 10 to do double-duty as a professional content creation platform.

Available on SAMSUNG Galaxy Store