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Thinkfree Office Online Raises the Bar and Lowers the Cost of an Online Office Experience

December 28, 2016

ISVs and cloud service providers can deliver a device-agnostic Microsoft Office-like experience without multiple subscription fees

  • Create/edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without intermediary conversion • Accessible via cloud APIs for easy integration into built offerings • Secure cloud storage, plus connections to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc • Interact with the Thinkfree Office Online demo here   SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – Dec 28, 2016) -Thinkfree, Inc. (; co-CEOs Won-Pil Lee and Sang-Chul Kim), a Hancom company, announced today the availability of Thinkfree Office Online for ISVs and cloud service providers. Rewritten entirely in HTML5, Thinkfree’s updated Office offering can easily be incorporated into an ISV’s application or delivered as a content creation and collaboration solution within a service provider’s cloud-based offering. Thinkfree Office Online is device-agnostic and enables users to edit and collaborate on native Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without conversion.   The popularity of cloud-based office tools from provides such as Google and Microsoft point to the demand for ubiquitous access to content development and collaboration tools. But Microsoft’s Office 365 offering is costly. Google products such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides are free, but not as fully featured as the Microsoft offering. Google’s tools can import and export content from Microsoft file formats, but they transform those files into a proprietary format that can only be accessed through Google’s tools unless they are transformed again and exported.   “Thinkfree Office Online combines the best of the Microsoft and Googleapproaches.” says Won-Pil Lee, the co-CEO of Thinkfree and Hancom.”In terms of features, Thinkfree Office Online is a more full-featured content creation and collaboration suite than Google offers,and it works with Microsoft Office files in their native formats.” “Thinkfree Office Online can also be offered to users at a price pointthat’s much closer to Google’s.” adds Sang-Chul Kim, co-CEO of Thinkfree and Hancom. “That makes it an ideal offering foran ISV or a cloud service provider that wants to provide top-shelfcontent creation tools to their customers.”   Preinstalled on millions of devices Thinkfree Office Online is one of several offerings from Hancom that have been recently updated to meet the needs of on-the-go users and on-the-move companies. While the Thinkfree name is not as well known in the West, Thinkfree’s mobile applications have been preinstalled as Hancom Office on more than 500M mobile devices from Samsung and other major OEMs for worldwide markets. Parent company Hancom controls more than 30% of the market for office applications in South Korea.   The full line-up of recently updated Thinkfree offerings includes:
  • Thinkfree Office Online – provides web-eebased editing and content creation tools that an ISV can integrate into a web app via a call to a web API. Word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation functionality are all included with Thinkfree Office Online.
  • Thinkfree Office Neo – offers functionally similar editing and content creation tools for Windows-based desktop systems. Thinkfree Office Neo works with both native Microsoft Office file formats as well as Open Document formats (ODT, ODS, and ODP). It also converts PDF documents into editable Office documents, provides full document translation features, and more.
  • Thinkfree Office Mobile – provides similar editing and content creation tools in a form optimized for Android and iOS-based smartphones and tablets.
  • Thinkfree Connect- makes all these complementary tools available via APIs, enabling cloud service providers as well as individual companies to offer full-featured Office functionality to users who need high-quality, highly-secure tools that they can use anywhere, on their device of choice, at any time.
  • Thinkfree DocsConverter – offers companion functionality to the Thinkfree Office products, enabling ISVs and web based service providers to quickly convert Microsoft Office files to formats suitable for viewing on the web, including PDF, HTML, TXT, JPG, and PNG formats. Like Thinkfree Cloud,Thinkfree Docs Converter has an API that can be called directly from an ISV’s built application.
  Product Availability Thinkfree Office Online is available today. Pricing is deployment dependent; please contact Hancom at for more information. An interactive demo of Thinkfree Office Online is available at   Thinkfree Office Neo is available today in English, German, Spanish (Latin), French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), and Japanese language versions. A fully-functional 60-day trial version for Windows 7/8/10 is available as a free download from Thinkfree Office NEO is also available on AWS Workspaces Marketplace with flexible license options. (   Thinkfree Office Mobile will be available for Android and iOS-based devices (phones and tablets) in Q1 2017 through Google Play and through the Apple AppStore.   Thinkfree DocsConverter will be available in January through the AWS Marketplace.   Thinkfree Connect will be available publicly in the 1st half of 2017. A demo is available upon request.   For more information on Thinkfree, visit For more information on Hancom, please visit   About Hancom Thinkfree is focusing on developing technologies and products for maximizing productivity in work spaces. Currently including Thinkfree Office Neo, Thinkfree Office Mobile, Thinkfree DocsConverter, and Thinkfree cloud, Thinkfree’s office productivity tools are widely used both in home and enterprise.With investment of Hancom, Inc., South Korea’s leading productivity software provider, Thinkfree is continuously growing and developing its technologies.Thinkfree, a global brand of Hancom, has its headquarter in Seongnam, South Korea. Thinkfree has global offices in the US, Belgium and Australia.Thinkfree products are available on the Thinkfree website and on different marketplaces including AWS Marketplace with flexible licensing options.   Our MissionThinkfree is focusing on developing products which makes life for its customers easier. Thinkfree develops professional, high performing, unique, and at the same time highly compatible productivity suites in order to make first-class customers experience.   Our Values Thinkfree’s flexible architecture for development allows its products to perform seamlessly regardless of hosting system and/or computing platform. Thinkfree provides users with a consistent, unified and productive experience. We believe in continuous improvement and innovation. We want to provide customers not just a productivity suite but also a total solution.