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Hancom Office Mobile, powered by Thinkfree, for Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 delivers both smartphone and desktop experiences on Samsung DeX

May 22, 2017

Full-featured office suite applications for Samsung DeX, the desktop environment  built into the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8  seamlessly delivers a stunning desktop experiences when connected to a DeX station.

  SEOUL, Korea –May 15, 2017 – Hancom Inc., a leading South Korean software developer, today announced that a light-weight version of its popular Mobile Office suite will come preinstalled on Samsung Electronics Co.’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8.​   The Office Mobile applications for word processing, spreadsheet calculation, and presentation graphics (known outside of South Korea as Thinkfree Office Mobile) are highly compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Galaxy S8/8  users can view, create, and edit documents on the go. The preloaded apps also allows users to view and annotate PDF documents.   While the light-weight yet super-fast implementations of the Office apps will come preloaded on the new S8 and S8  models, users desirous of an even richer desktop experience can download full-featured versions of the Office suite that have been optimized to take advantage of the Samsung DeX (Desktop Experience) from Galaxy Apps. These DeX-optimized versions of the Office apps can automatically switch to desktop mode when a user connects the Galaxy S8/S8  to a Samsung DeX station. Galaxy S8 and S8  users can download the full, DeX-optimized version of the Office suite free of charge.   “North America is the world’s largest smartphone market and the world’s largest premium phone battlefield,” says Edward Coloma, the Head of Sales, Thinkfree North America. “It’s very meaningful movement for Hancom as major telecom operators in the country have chosen Hancom’s product instead of Microsoft Office as their primary mobile office suite for Galaxy S8 and S8 .   Says Sang Heon Lee, the vice chairman of Hancom, “Our technology and products have proven to be ready for global competition. With the launch of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. The apps for S8 and S8  are expected to expand the global mobile office market and overall office market share in the future.”   Pricing and Availability Users of Galaxy S8 and S8  can download Hancom Office free of charge from Galaxy Apps. And products for other devices and manufacturers will be available in 2nd half of this year.   For More Information: Visit the Hancom web site at for more information on the Office for Galaxy S8 and S8 . For more information on Thinkfree, visit   About Thinkfree
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