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Create compelling multimedia presentations with ease — and with full PowerPoint compatibility

Designed for high impact presentations with smooth animations, transitions and an all new spotlight feature.

Custom skins

New UI framework allows you to customize the UI design color theme. Make the UI as bright or as dark as you wish.

Draw from a rich library of modern presentation templates

Create a compelling presentation using built-in templates. Or, import presentation templates from existing PowerPoint libraries. Each template in Show includes professionally designed page variants to help you create presentations instantly.


Animation effects

Show provides more than 200 built-in animation effects to enliven text, pictures, shapes, tables, and other objects in your presentation. You can control object entrances, exits, changes in size and color, even movements on a slide.

Transition effects

Show provides more than 160 PowerPoint-compatible slide transition effects. There’s a comprehensive set of easy-to-use drawing and diagramming tools that can add visual interest and sophistication to your presentation.


Spotlight function

The spotlight function allows you to emphasize specific content during a slideshow presentation by smoothly zooming in and out without compromising on the visual quality.


Enhanced performance

Speedy text input on even the most text-centric slides. New animation engine is built with speed in mind for faster and smoother slideshows.


Formatted slide notes editor

Full slide notes with text formatting allows presenters to create and organize presentation notes in a clear and compelling manner.


Show enables you to translate an entire Presentation with a single click.
Supported languages include: Arabic, Simplified Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, and Spanish — with support for more languages in the pipeline!

Supported file formats

  • Powerpoint Presentations (*.pptx)Powerpoint Presentations (97~2003) (*.ppt)PowerPoint Templates (*.potx)PowerPoint Shows (97-2003) (*.pps)
  • PowerPoint Shows (*.ppsx)PowerPoint Office Themes (*.thmx)ODF Presentations (*.odp)PDF, PDF/A Documents (*.pdf)
  • Show Presentations (*.show)Show Templates (*.hsdt)Show Themes (*.htheme)