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All the rich features you need to compose professional-grade content without compromises.

Work more effectively with a modern word processor built for today’s professional


Improved clipboard

The clipboard has been re-developed to improve both memory usage efficiency and copy and past performance. Furthermore, the new visual clipboard pane also shows a complete history allowing you to select and paste any previous snippets.


Automatic hyphenation

Hyphenation can now be applied automatically if there isn’t enough space to enter a sentence on a single line.

layout options

Fine-tune your layouts — including page margins, paper size, columns, sections, covers, headers and footers, footnotes and endnotes, tables of contents, and much more.

Improved style editing

Redesigned style menu and action pane makes selecting, creating and editing styles easier than ever before.

Visual object support

With Hancom Office 2020 you can easily insert and modify charts, drawings, images, tables, and OLE objects (including Word documents). You can even modify visual elements in documents from MS Word.


Enhanced SmartArt support

With Hancom Office 2020, use enhanced SmartArt layouts like snake, hierarchical, and cycle to provide your ideas with the perfectly matching visualizations.

Write "equations
and formulas"

Word’s built-in equation editor ensures that it’s easy to compose and edit complex equations or formulas within a document.


Word table block formula

Add smart calculations to your Word tables using the new block formula feature. Add sums, averages and products to any cell table block easily.

Track changes and comments

Whether you're working alone or collaborating with a distributed team, you can track and manage changes as your documents evolves. When the time comes to review suggested changes, you can click "reject" or "accept" and Word applies the change (or not) for you.


Word enables you to translate an entire document with a single click.
Supported languages include: Arabic, Simplified Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, and Spanish — with support for more languages in the pipeline!

Replace Private Info

Search and replace sensitive private information such as credit card numbers, phone numbers, and IP addresses with masking text with a single click.

Enhanced online storage integration

Build your own customized office workspace with unlimited file storage using the integrated Hancom Space. Autosave your documents to keep your work safe. Bring your office settings and custom design skins with you anywhere.

Supported file formats

  • Microsoft Word Documents (97~2003) (*.doc/*.dot) Microsoft Word Documents (*.docx/*.dotx) Text Documents (*.txt)
  • Rich Text Format Documents (*.rtf) ODF Text Documents (*.odt) PDF, PDF/A Documents (*.pdf)