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Same software! Same capabilities!
Display adapts automatically.

The features and functionality found in Hancom Office can also be found in Hancom Office Mobile running on smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, and Samsung DeX-enabled devices. In fact, Hancom Office Mobile comes pre-loaded on a wide range of devices from major manufacturers around the world.

01. Optimized for finger-driven touch screen
02. Designed for large display
03. Being bundled with Galaxy Note Pro, Tab and Tab S Series


Express yourself
(without the software holding you back)

With Word, you can move what’s in your head into the device in the palm of your hand – without the software limiting your expression.


Have the numbers
in hand

With Cell you gain a powerful tool for calculation, data analysis, and visualization – including advanced features such as conditional formatting, sparklines, and more – all in the palm of your hand.


Presentation graphics
without the portly PC

With Show you can seize the moment and produce the professional presentation you need
using only your mobile device.

Customer Cases

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Major OEMs from around the world have preloaded Hancom Office Mobile on more than 600 million mobile devices.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note Google nexus LG G

Enterprise Service Providers

Hancom has long delivered custom solutions to meet the customer-facing needs of enterprise service providers. Our server-side and mobile solutions can meet a wide range of requirements for globally-focused service providers.

MobileIron McAfee Polycom Cognizant

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