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Hancom Space provides a full-featured suite of office productivity tools in a modern collaboration space for enhanced team effectiveness. You can create and share documents conveniently from a desktop, mobile device, or web browser. You can work together on documents stored in the cloud. You can even combine cloud storage services and manage them from one place.

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Key Applications

Hancom Office 2020

Hancom Office Word

Professional-grade word processor for all your content creation needs.

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Hancom Office Cell

Powerful spreadsheet application for enterprise-grade data analysis, modeling and visualization.

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Hancom Office Show

Professional application for creating compelling multimedia presentations

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Hancom Office PDF

The New Hancom Office PDF application forgoes the need to spend on separate PDF tools

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Intuitive PSD-compatible photo editor with easy-to-use functions and filters

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Hancom Office Online

Hancom Office Online enables you to create, view, edit, and collaborate
on documents using a web browser — anytime, from anywhere you are connected.

Hancom Office Mobile

Hancom Office Mobile brings all the professional-grade office productivity tools of desktop office to your preferred mobile device. Fully compatible with Microsoft Office and designed to foster collaboration with Microsoft Office users, Hancom Office Mobile ensures that you can create, edit, share and manage content without limits.

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Provides full-featured office productivity suite

Hancom Space includes a full office productivity suite (i.e. word processor, spreadsheet, presentation applications) for both mobile and desktop.

Works with
Microsoft Office

Create, edit and share professional fully Microsoft Office compatible documents, spreadsheets and presentation files.


Draft an idea on your mobile device, refine it on your PC, and then share it on the Web. All this is easy with Hancom Space.

Combine online storage services

Manage several cloud services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and others, as a single account. Combine cloud storage services and transfer files across them easily.

Optimize file management

Save your files to the cloud repository of your choice and access them from anywhere. Automatic file versioning constantly backs up and restores file versions as needed.

Collaborate more productively

ile sharing and real-time co-editing capabilities enable you to be more productive and to collaborate more efficiently. Share your work using public file links, eliminating the need for others to sign in.

Interact from anywhere

Access documents and images on Hancom Space from anywhere using your PC, browser, or mobile device.

Synchronize work automatically

Hancom Space transparently synchronizes cloud and device-based copies of your most important files to ensure that you always have access to your work—even when you’re not online.

The productivity applications you need
for all your daily tasks

Hancom Space includes all the powerful productivity tools including the Hancom Office suite. From your desktop, browser, or mobile device you can create, edit, and share work with other Hancom Office or Microsoft Office users. An easy-to-learn photo editor enables you to perform common image editing tasks.