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Hancom Works

All-in-one suite for
successful remote work
and collaboration

Safe, secure collaboration
on your premises

Hancom Works is the self-hosted collaboration solution that is designed to bring efficiency to the next level without the compliance and security risks. The familiar user interface, excellent MS Office documents interoperability and enterprise features are combined in one place.

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In 2020 Hancom and Nextcloud partnered up to create an advanced collaboration space based on the first completely integrated on‑premises platform on the market. Together with Nextcloud, we deliver secure, real‑time co‑authoring experience across platforms, devices, and operating systems.

Take control of your data with the next generation open source, self‑hosted, enterprise‑ready solution.

Online collaboration solution
to boost productivity

Hancom Works brings all the productivity and collaboration tools you need together in one on-premises platform. Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive emails, manage your calendar and have video chats without compromising data security.


Start a direct chat or group conversation to keep yourself in the loop at all times. Discuss any file in real-time while viewing or editing it.

Video conferencing

Use audio and video conferencing anytime, anywhere. The integrated screen sharing helps to keep everyone on the same page.


Easily plan and manage your events to get work done on time. Quickly join upcoming online meetings right from the calendar.


Utilize full Office compatibility and native Office file support. Word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation graphics – built for modern professionals.


Improve network of contacts and foster human connections to achieve more together.

Document editing

Co-edit MS Office documents with colleagues in real-time. Track the changes, comment and discuss the work.


Send and receive your emails, smart and easy, without switching between tabs and apps.

Mobile support

Use all productivity tools on a preferable mobile device. Get access to your data and stay connected with the team wherever you are.


Upload various types of files to the Nextcloud Files and share them without security risk. Create, organize and quickly find any files.

Why choose us

Hancom Works offers a seamless online collaboration solution that is far more cost-effective than any other professional-grade cloud office suite available today.

The platform we are based on is the first completely integrated self-hosted content collaboration platform on the market.

  • Fully on‑premises solution
  • Data control and protection
  • Available across devices and operating system
  • Real‑time online collaboration and co‑authoring
  • Excellent MS Office document interoperability
  • Desktop, mobile and web interfaces

Enterprise solution

Hancom Works solution is optimized for enterprises and professional organizations rather than home users. If your teams are using unsafe public clouds and chats, email attachments, and consumer file-sharing tools to communicate and collaborate, it is vital to orginize their workflow by delivering security, confidentiality and compliance within one platform.

Take control sensitive data and standardize on Hancom Works. It is extremely scasable solution for deployments with hundreds of millions of users delivering cost reduction.

  • Host your own on-premises content collaboration platform
  • Integrate Hancom Works into existing optimized workflow and infrastructure
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of your users
  • Protect data with encryption, two‑factor authentication, session management and brute force protection
  • Control data locality, retention and access
  • Facilitate secure collaboration and communication

Supported platforms

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